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Let's talk Posture

Did you know a lot of your posture is controlled in your neck?

The upper cervical spine (C1 and C2, also known as Atlas and Axis) is made up of the top two vertebra in the neck.  The head actually "connects" to the body at C1, and this is where most of our body's balance is controlled.  If C1, C2, or both bones move out of place, it causes our head to de-stabilize which then in turn causes the muscles in the neck, shoulders, and even hips, to be recruited to help keep the head balanced so our body knows how to keep centered.  Just like an airplane likes to level itself with the horizon line, so do our eyes so the body knows how to balance itself.  This means that a lot of the "bad posture" you feel or see in your body could actually be a compensation from other muscles being recruited to help keep your head on straight.  

Once you correct the underlying "balance" problem by moving C1 and C2 back into position, the muscles who have been recruited to help can start to relax and move back into their "normal" position - resulting in posture change without any hard work on your part!  Over the next few days, weeks, months, and years, the body will continue to strengthen into it's new, more balanced position, and we'll continue to see positive posture changes.  This doesn't mean you can slouch all day long, but this will give you a good head start into working on those posture issues.

Each of the following examples were pictures taken after these patients received their first C1 & C2 adjustment.  No other areas of the spine were touched.

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